LA's Modern Rock alternative...

"Sounds noticeably fresh and well executed to my ears. The band escape being pigeon holed as just another metal band."
          Chris Haywood - Sonically Selective

"Gripping guitar work, and the verses are not accentuated with simple straight lines but riveting ups and downs.  As a listener, you feel captivated..."
          Ryan Merkel - Noise Beneath The Apple

"Vie Jester is far better than your average Los Angeles rock band....Killer drummer, killer bassist, bad-ass guitarist, and a fantastic singer."
          Daniel Balistocky - Revolution 9 Studios

MANIFEST Live Music Video 

We were offered an incredible opportunity to film one of our most popular tracks, 'Manifest' from our 2014 EP Cognisense.  Directed by phenomenal drummer & videographer Lenny Vitulli and recorded live at World Class Audio using Red cameras and top of line audio equipment, this video gives a close up look at the energy we bring to any performance.  Special thanks to our bassist Matthew McGuire-Denis for mixing and the acclaimed Troy Glessner for mastering.

LIVE @ LA Coliseum  

We want to extend our gratitude to the people at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum for making this show possible.  This was an incredible event for MMA and we are thrilled to have been a part of it.  


Live 'PLEASE' Whisky A Go Go 

Thanks to everyone who came out to the show!  We had an incredible experience back on the legendary Whisky stage and now with Matthew Denis on bass we sound better and rock harder than ever.  Can't wait to keep bringing it to the next level.  Next stop Universal... - KEG

New Edgy EP 'All In Jest' Hits iTunes June 30th 

After a hiatus from live performances we are very excited to announce the release of our new EP titled 'All In Jest'.  This 5 track record boasts an all new and edgier sound as well as some of the best songwriting and sound engineering we have ever put together.  We would like to thank our producer and engineers Edgar Hernandez, Danny Balistocky, Wes Koz, and Johnny Liu for taming this beast of a record for your listening pleasure.  Mark your calendars for June 30th and prepare to go on a ride to a place that modern rock has yet to travel.  

UPDATE: Recording Sessions Underway! 

We are back in the studio putting down tracks that are for us both experimental and organic.  It feels good to move forward despite the summer setbacks of bidding farewell to bassist Jaime Salas and the frequent production and release delays of 'Colourblind' due to family loss.  For this outing, we have teamed up with Kairos Music Group producer Wes Koz who is known for producing internationally successful K-Pop music.  Stay tuned for behind-the-scene footage of our recording process and samples of our new tunes that are guaranteed to shock fans old and new! - KG

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